Topic 02- History of Engineering drawing


It is quite easy to understand that History of engineering specifically for the design and drafting can be traced back to the development of descriptive geometry in the 16th and 17th centuries.

However, it also dates to all the Engineering inventions line airplane or steam engine. All of which were modelled on the basis of these designs.

This is also related to the period of industrial revolution and creation of some of the commercially used products. Engineering is such a innovative field which has impacted technology many folds.

For Orthographic View of Engineering drawing; click here.

Development of Software packages

As time went by, the methods of design and drafting were improved with the invention of drafting machines and software but the creation of engineering drawings changed very little until after World War II. Patrick Hanratty and Ivan Sutherland contributed significantly on today’s well-known Computer-aided Design (CAD), as they consider it as a faster and more accurate tool compared to previous drafting methods. There were a lot of improvements in the features and specifications of these software.

Some of such software will be discussed in the late part of this course. You can find that by clicking here.

Changes in Engineering drawing

These methods in basic engineering design grew in influence and regional understanding. They worked very well and served the purpose in a specific area or country. However, communities grew. Trade and migrations led to the basic exchange of information about the design of several products. It gave rise to confusion. Thus, the use of standards became imperative and intuitive. These standards are almost similar in nature with important differences and are acknowledged around the globe.


Some of these drawing standards are known around the globe such as ANSI (USA), JIS (Japan) and BS(UK) among many others. We are not going to discuss all such standards and their characteristics. You can look them by clicking here. The practices and procedures to follow when designing is now defined and characterized. So, there is no ambiguity in Engineering design.

This has further demanded the need of a global standard namely Geometric dimensioning which is mainly related to the industrial and manufacturing point of view.

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