Topic 10- The course summary and ways to go


This will be the course summary and ways to go. So, you have completed the Engineering drawing course and the topics were explained in such a manner that you will be able to familiarize yourself with all the basic and important details of the matter. First of all, I congratulate you all to make this far and I hope that you now you would be able to study, research and know more about the different topics in detail that we have discussed so far until finally giving the course summary.

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Quest for knowledge

We have purposely left out some minor details and derivations in this course. This is because they can be easily understood and clearly the details can be looked up using the different publications, textbooks, and online courses available. This course summary encourages you for the quest for knowledge.


Now I am looking forward to the 100% contribution from your side to mostly focus on the details of this course and also prepare and practice the topics of orthographic and axonometric view from different sources. Moreover, you should consult your own professors and focus on the details which are part of your curriculum.


The field of engineering drawing is very vast. You can not know everything about the different complexities and the changing rules or conventions so always stay updated! The best practice is to follow and understand the standards that are followed in your lectures. I highly encourage you to use modern techniques and familiarize yourself with all details.

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You should generally approach any course or field of study with the same mentality. The basic approach used to explain the concepts of engineering drawing was kept as simple and concise as possible so that it develops a driving force and thirst to learn more about this subject.

Best of luck in your future endeavors.

That is all folks!! 😊

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