Topic 03- Significance of Engineering Drawing


The knowledge of engineering design is very important. It is as important as the engineering discipline itself. The first engineering marvel that is from the simple wheel to what we know of the world as of today is all based on an innovative thought; about doing something new, something extra-ordinary. This is originally based on a design of the infra-structure.

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Specifically, when we talk about the discipline of engineering design; we consider a simple scenario. Let say you have to design a hammer so that it is multi-functional. You do not directly step forward to the manufacturing phase. The most pre-liminary phase is the design approval depending upon your organization or it might be one of the fundamental requirements.

The making of a design is an important phase and it really is important due to several reasons. It will provide a basic plan for your team or company to follow. The approval of any design demarcates its success. If a design is not up to the mark; then it would never be able to perform its purpose.

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The engineering discipline whether mechanical, electrical or any other have to have a basic know how about the design of different parts and assemblies in relation to their areas of study. This will help them to excel in their professional fields.

Without Engineering drawing

The actual significance of engineering discipline can be imagined in a world without engineering design. It will be nothing less than a nightmare! You would have to walk on unleveled buildings and roads. There would be airplanes which can not take-off, then there would be those which can not land. There would be buildings collapsing and causing numerous accidents. There would be medical equipment which would be better not to use. You can very well imagine that the world be upside down.


We can go on and on about the importance of engineering design and consider it from different perspectives. But for the purpose of this course; the above discussion would suffice.

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