Security threats to data

The computer has one basic purpose of processing data and create information from it. This process has to be protected from the security threats to keep your personal data safe from the online attackers. Security threats to data have been categorized in various forms. Some of them are discussed here in detail.

Malicious Programs

The term malicious refers to viruses, which is basically a form of code that attaches itself to the host program and damages its properties. One of its types exists in the form of Trojan horses. It introduces malicious code in the appearance of some useful programs. Another form is an attack script written by an expert programmer used to exploit the internet. And one other form in java applet that can be hidden in web pages. they launched when the user’s browser open that site.


The use of computers for the purpose of criminal acts is known as cybercrime. It is the act of stealing the computer or damaging and stealing information. Cybercrime is growing rapidly with time. Internet fraud has many forms like setting up fake websites for the purpose of stealing account information of the user is one of the vulnerable among them.  


It is the most common and worst form of cybercrime. In this form, the hacker uses the internet to intrude into another system to do an illegal act. This may result in corrupt, damage, or change data. It is adopted in another way which is a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack. In this attack, hacker hides a malicious code on the system of the victim. Through this way, the hacker can take control over the victim’s PC and can easily intrude on his personal information.

Some Hacking Methods.

For the purpose of hacking, hackers use variety of methods which are divided into 3 categories.

  • Sniffing

It is the process in which the attacker finds a user’s password. For this purpose, there are 3 common ways: password sharing, password guessing, and password capture. Password sharing happens when the user or victim discloses the password to the hacker himself in ignorance. In password guessing hackers guess the user’s password and keep on trying until he gets the right one. This can be prevented by using complex passwords. And in password capturing the hacker gets the password using the malware program.

  • Social Engineering

This is done using various types of frauds like dumpster diving or identity theft through which the hacker accesses the user’s information. Phone survey in another form off social engineering where hacker contacts the potential victim by phone and asks the user about their personal information for an apparently legitimate reason. Generally, this method is referred to as phishing.

  • Spoofing

In spoofing the hacker changes the header of an email and making it appear like it’s a request of information generated from another source.

  • Cyber terrorism

In this form of warfare, the attacker attacks the critical information. its main goal is to harm the computer system. through this, the hacker gains the control of scouter systems commonly the systems that run communication systems.

How to keep your data secure?

Nowadays the security threats to the data are numerous. Some of the important measures should be taken to protect the data from threats are discussed below:

  • Restricting access to your system – the main problem arises when the hacker gets access to the victim’s system. You have to limit the physical access of your device for everyone.
  • Using a firewall – a firewall is the best defense against hackers. Their purpose is to hide your system from other components on the internet that may cause harm to the user’s computer. Windows operating system has an inbuilt firewall that performs all the functions to keep your data safe but there are many other firewall software’s are available online like Norton personal firewall.
  • Backing up your data – one of the best ways to prevent data loss is to backup your data. A simple error can even cause your system or personal data to lose data. To avoid this loss backup is the best method.

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