Topic 06- Orthographic View in Engineering drawing


Since there are different types of ways in which we can orient an object. It leads to different types of views. Currently we will discuss about different types of orthographic views


Orthographic projection is a parallel projection technique in which the parallel lines of sight are perpendicular to the projection plane. Orthographic view depends on relative position of the object to the line of sight.

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Types of Orthographic View

Classified into Multi View and Axonometric. Both drawing types are used in technical drawing for communication.



The two-dimensional view of an object which can clearly define the length, height and depth of the object are called Multiview. They are further divided into Front View, Top View and Right View. Some texts also consider the Back View, Bottom View and Left View as a part of Multi-View.


Steps to draw the multi-view. There are various methods to draw a multi-view of any object. You can consider the object enclosed in a glass box so that when you view it from the front; the parallel projection on the face of the box would give the front view. Similar procedure is to be adopted for the other views as well.

Conventions or Technique

Most commonly the Front view, top view and right view are drawn according to either the third angle projection or the First angle projection technique. You should know about the technique or convention followed in your organization and follow it accordingly.

First angle projection technique

In this technique, the top view is drawn below the front view.


Third angle projection technique

In this technique, the front view is drawn below the top view.



The right-side view is always drawn to the right of the front view in first or third angle projection.

Moreover, you should stick to the conventions you follow in your organization and country.

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