Intro to Information Technology for Business| Appreciating IT in the Business world

Information technology is somehow integrated with everything we do in this time of the world. Helping us all with our daily tasks as technology makes use of the information, we provide to it; aiding us through the process of living in the 21st century. Not only does IT affect us as individuals or as a nation; but has a huge role to play in the business world. Information technology for business management has a massive part to play. Be it in terms of marketing, inventory management, customer service; and a lot more which will shortly get into in detail. IT is an industry which is ever growing and as we look into our future, the control is surely rising. Lets have a look at how IT has helped businesses all over the globe in management and other prospects; and how it is emerging into becoming an even bigger assistant for the business world.

Firstly, what are the major areas of an operating business?




And IT has got to be in all of them, not so surprisingly.

Lets see how

Intro to Information Technology for Business

The operations department of a firm is responsible for the efficient; designing, controlling, planning and implementing of the operation process of producing a good or service. This management area of a business cannot go by without IT anymore. From helping a business form its tree diagrams or other decision-making tools; to staying updated with the production and other operations; IT has it under control. The importance of IT is surely seen more in larger companies as the information they have needs to be; well stored, monitored, managed and updated using IT; along with other tools It has to offer.

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Intro to Information Technology for Business

The marketing department of any business uses the computer technology to; organize, communicate, research and manage most of its campaigns. Its not only the interface which is different for Customers and suppliers; but that marketing has reached a whole new level- thanks to IT. Information technology for business management has improved customization as personalized marketing takes place; using any previous or researched digital information a firm has; making their marketing more effective and successful. The whole platform of digital marketing has allowed firms to make use of IT and establish a firm grip in the market. Talking about more satisfied customers as businesses cater to their customer needs more efficiently; customer relationship management has improved- again, thanks to IT.

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We all are pretty much aware of why a business works- for profit. So basically, a business runs for money while it also uses money to make money. When there’s a lot of money involved, or in the right term ‘finance’; you must take care of it. IT helps firms manage their finance by keeping tracks of updated information, recording the transactions and entries; and even helps in making any payments online. The use of special software’s like Quick books and many more; helps businesses manage their accounts online. Moreover, Artificial intelligence is used as well as other technologies when you talk about finance; thus, informing us how IT plays a massive role in terms of finance when it comes to business. 

Having looked at some of the most vital areas of a business function; and how information technology for business management has aided the whole process; lets briefly have a look at the pros of IT towards the whole mechanism of the business structure.

The Advantages of IT to the business world-
  • Greater automation has led to greater productivity and improved competition
  • An increase in mobility of information and the whole mechanism for workers as well as customers
  • Better CRM thus more satisfied buyers and repeated customers
  • An improved DBMS allowing information storage to improve as well as safety
  • Collaboration and communication have improved allowing businesses to work for efficiently
  • The world is an open market for the customers; so, more choice for customers allowing firms to improve their performance and quality
  • A wider range of audience for the businesses as its like an open market
  • Along with the fact that it aids in the operations and every other department of a firm; businesses tend to respond to any change more quickly as information reaches quicker.
  • Time and cost saver (in the long run)

There is a huge list out there for supporting Information technology for business management for sure; however, what we must not ignore are the cons. There are surely issues like expense, threat to businesses and security issues; but with time and the proper ethical skills, no business is away from using IT in their functioning.

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What we understand from this concise intro is that:

Understanding the importance of IT for business management is not a challenging task; as we see it everywhere around us. It is the right use and understanding of IT which makes us aware of; how we need to learn and adapt to the changes which are formulating our future; and how we must acquire the right computer skills so that we can evolve along.

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