This article encounters the problems that the computer hardware is facing along with the solution of some of them. Hardware problems are very common, any damaged part or broken piece can disturb the whole functionality of the computer like peripheral commands interpreted incorrectly, long delays accessing files, etc. Discussing some of the hardware security problems in detail.

A.           Overheating

One of the hardware problems is CPU start getting heat-up, which affects the security of the hardware. The main reason behind this problem could be either

•            The cooling fan or any other cooling system installed is not working properly.

•            Or it could be that your cooling system is outdated and it cannot handle the heat duty of the system means it exceeded its capacity.

To get rid of this problem, first one should have to know how much does heat is being produced, for this purpose, one can use the HW monitor to know the current and maximum temperature of the system (ice, CPU, and GPU).

If the application shows the maximum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius then it should be of concern. But if the application is showing a maximum temperature of 55 degrees Celsius then it’s not a problem if one is running heavy software or using PC for gaming purposes.

The first one should check is cooling fan is working or not? If it is not flowing the heat out for some reason then here are the steps by following which one can know about the working condition of a cooling fan,

•            When PC gets start, it produces a strong “VROOM” sound of the fan starting at full throttle and then slowing down. If it is not being produced or less powerful than before, then it is your fan which is not in a state of good condition.

•            If the fan is working in a good state means, it produces sound powerfully when getting started and also moving then could be something which is blocking the ventilation. To avoid that do not place your PC on a soft surface like a blanket, bed, etc. instead place your PC on hard surface so it gets ventilation properly.

If the above-discussed reason is not which one is facing then it is the other components of PC which are generating more heat and making it difficult to handle for a fan this is the case, especially with old PC. Reasons discussed below,

•            Overclocking is the way to get more out of CPU. It tends the CPU to work more to cope with the speed you demanded and cause overheating problems. To avoid this problem one should clock back to the original speed.

•            Under clock your PC to get rid of heating problem

•            Speed-up fan.

B.           Blue screen:

The apprehensive Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) appears because of Hardware fault, it could be because of overloaded RAM, corrupted hard drive, and overheating of PC.

•            Overloaded RAM: BSOD may appear because of outdated RAM which cannot handle pressure on putting by opening too many files at once. The solution to this problem is one can close the files and restart the PC or can upgrade RAM.

•            Corrupted hard drive: BSOD can also be the sign of corrupted or dying hard drive. This can be check by using application crystal disk info, it will tell the condition of the hard drive as “GOOD”, “CAUTION”, or “BAD”. Consider replacing your hard drive if needed by backing up all your data.

•            Overheating: BSOD can also the cause of overheating of the PC.

C.           PC Beeps:

PC beep because the motherboard has detected a problem. This problem could be due to out of place RAM or recently added hardware.

Out of place RAM: when RAM misses his place the motherboard beep 2-3 times and it will not boot at all. To get this problem resolved one should,

•            Open the cover of the PC, take the RAM completely out and remove the dirt from the RAM and the slot of the RAM using cotton buds.

•            After cleaning the slot put the RAM back to its place and put pressure on both sides to ensure it get its place properly and get fitted and the clips.

•            Now reboot your PC.

Recently Added Hardware:  if you installed new hardware on your PC and when you start your PC and the motherboard start beeping, it means you have wrongly installed that hardware or it is damaged, to resolve this problem one should remove that hardware and check the PC works properly afterward if it does then get that hardware reinstalled properly or get it replaced if damage.

These are just a few of them sometimes another issue also happens as PC crashes before loading the operating system. This could happen due to the RAM or Hard drive, either could be the damage or the RAM could not hold the bootload. Along with that many other problems can cause a problem in booting your device. You can go through them in Hardware Security.

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