Finishing Materials, Choose the best look for your house

In most cases, the structure of buildings and homes are almost similar, the difference lies in finishing. Finishing sometimes take even more effort and resources than the construction process. Finishing materials are materials and items used to improve the service and decorative qualities of buildings and structures, as well as to protect structural members from atmospheric and other effects.

Finishing materials are usually designed for interior or exterior finishing while some materials are used for both. Now there are hundreds and maybe thousands of different types of finish designs available, but we will be discussing some major materials used for this purpose:


Without a doubt, it is the most appreciated natural material used in interior design. It has enjoyed enduring popularity for years and it seems to still be on the rise. Wood is universal, cozy, and easy to work with. Among the wood finishing materials are decorative plywood, veneer, parquet, chipboard, fiberboard, and such articles as railings, plinths, and finish casings. Wood finishing materials are notable for their excellent appearance and service qualities. The service life of wood finishing materials is increased by treating them with wood preservatives and by applying paint and varnish coatings. Wood’s texture is varied, which makes this material unique. It is a good thermal and electrical insulator and can support considerable weight.


  • Wood works well as a finishing material for floors. Properly prepared boards can be installed directly on floor heating systems commonly used in houses.
  • Wood can be used for furniture, kitchen, or bathroom cabinets.
  • Wood is extensively used indoors and windows as well as ventilation systems.  Wood can also be used in exterior finishing of walls and gates.

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Making a comeback these days, the brick finish is the new sensation in the market. Combined with modern methods, you no longer need a big brick villa to have a brick finish. Now, you can even have a brick finish in your apartment or even in an igloo. It is a universal and aesthetic material, having been used in construction for ages, and it always looks stylish. Brick is baked from clay, a natural material that creates a human-friendly microclimate. It is cold and fire-resistant. It also works well as a thermal insulator and sound-proofing material, and easily kept clean.


  • It can be used in every style and greatly accents classic interiors, recalling traditional construction.
  • It is used in walls along with metals and concrete 
  • Painted white, brick will cleverly fit the Scandinavian style and still charm with its unique texture.
  • It can be used in kitchen, fireplace, or sides of cabinets.


With unlimited applications, the oldest finishing materials of mankind is still one of the best till date. Granite, Marble, slate, limestone, and other types of stones are extensively used as finishing material for floors. Stone finishes are characterized by high durability as well as water, heat, and damage resistance. Various types of stone differ in color, texture, and finishes. This diversity is appreciated by the fans of natural solutions. When polished, stone will reflect light, while a natural finish will surprise you with its unique texture.


  • Used on floors, can replace tiles.
  • stone can be used to finish a fireplace surround or accent one decorative wall in the living room.
  • A properly selected stone countertop for the kitchen will be more durable than a wooden one and add elegance.
  • Can be used as doors or window frames.


Metals are versatile and provide strength and a modern outlook.  Skillfully combined with other materials, metal will work well in every interior, even the more traditional or modern ones. It is a particularly durable material and can be used both indoors and outdoors (for stairs, railings, etc.). Metal can carry large loads as well, while looking very light. It is also resistant to physical damage as well as chemical and atmospheric factors. Although metals have excellent finishing and decorative characteristics, they are used in modern construction mainly for finishing unique buildings and structures because of their considerable cost. Sheets and shaped products made of copper and its alloys, stainless steel, and titanium are used as finishing materials, aluminum alloys, including those with a colored (anodized) surface, are particularly promising. In mass construction, metals are used mainly in the form of small items (accessories) for finishing the entrances and interiors of buildings.


  • Used in industrial design interiors or in a tech company. 
  • Combined with wood, it is used in doors, windows, cabinets and tables.
  • The brave of heart can venture to have a metal floor or a metal kitchen countertop, while more modern designs can smuggle metal in accessories: lamps, cabinet handles, and curtain rods.
  • The exterior metal finish gives an elegant look as well as protecting the building from environmental damage.  

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