Introduction to Statics

Introduction to Statics #1

Statics is a branch of mechanics which involves body at rest. The study has been extensively used in modelling and designing many project, from dams and buildings and bridges to smartphone and computer hardware designs.


Important parameters to set

Length : (m)

It is used to locate the position in space.

Mass : (kg)

Mass is a measure of a quantity of matter.

Force : (N)

It is considered as a push or a pull exerted by one body on another. A force is completely characterized by it magnitude, direction and point of application.

Netwon’s First Law

A particle originally at rest or moving in a straight line with constant velocity, tends to remain in this state provided the particle is not subject to an unbalanced force.

  ∑ F = 0

Netwon’s Second Law

A particle acted upon by am unbalanced force “F” experiences an acceleration  “a” that has the same direction as the force and a magnitude that is directly proportional to the force.


The two laws mentioned above will be the building blocks of this course. 

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