Types of Intelligence

Intelligence is one of the most popular topics discussed in psychology, ironically, there is no exact definition in which intelligence is defined. Why is that you ask? Every single individual has unique aspects from one another, meaning their intelligence will be different as well. Although intelligence can be defined in ways more than one, in layman terms, intelligence is the ability to acquire and use any skills or knowledge. Thus it is always important to ask people how smart they are instead of asking if they are smart. Here we will be discussing one of the most popular intelligence theories; Multiple Intelligent Theory.

Multiple Intelligence Theory

The theory was developed by Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983. He first introduced his theory in his book, “Frames of Mind” where he challenged the theory that all individuals are born with the same general intelligence. His theory proposed that individuals possess 8 different kinds of intelligence, however, all these types and the dominant may vary on one’s experience and genetics. These are linguistic, logical-mathematical, naturalist, musical, bodily kinesthetic, spatial, intrapersonal and interpersonal.

Linguistic Intelligence

This type of intelligence refers to anything related to verbal and written communication, basically someone who is word smart. Such individuals possess the capacity to effectively use words both in oral and in written forms. People who are able to understand and process different information and are able to deliver through books or speeches come under this category. Famous examples include Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey and William Shakespeare.

Careers for people who dominate in this intelligence include Public speakers, Journalists, Authors and Hosts.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

 Logical-Mathematical Intelligence refers to people who are number smart. It includes people who are significantly good in logics and reasoning. They possess capacity of dealing with numbers, logical patterns classification and categorization. Popular examples include Albert Einstein and John Dewey.

Careers for people having Logical-Mathematical Intelligence include Accountants, Scientists, Statisticians and Computer Analysts.

Spatial Intelligence

Spatial intelligence means someone who is picture smart. People who obtain high level of visualization and creativity tend to fall in this category. They possess the ability to transform and produce things filled with ones ideas and feelings. Famous examples include Pablo Picasso, Bobby Fischer and Amelia Earhart.

Careers for individuals dominating in this intelligence include Artists, Graphic designer, Interior Decorator, Surgeon and Designer.

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Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence

This type of intelligence is found in people who are body smart. It includes people who are good at staying active, moving around and learning through these movements. They are also highly aware of their bodies and are good at building things. Famous examples include Charlie Chaplin and Michael Jordan.

Careers for people possessing this type of intelligence include Dancer, Athlete, Physical Therapist and Carpenter.

Musical Intelligence

Musical intelligence, obvious by the name, is found in people who are music smart. They have the ability to compose, perform and appreciate music. They have strong ability to listen to pick up sounds, form rhythms and remember different melodies. Famous examples include Wolfang Aamadeus Mozart, Ella Fitzgerald.

Careers for people having musical intelligence include Singer, Composer and Musician.

Interpersonal Intelligence

Individuals who are people smart have interpersonal intelligence. These individuals have the capacity to understand and perceive different moods and emotions of other people. They are good at leading, understand, communicating and resolving conflicts. Famous examples include Qaid-e-Azam, Mother Teresa.

Careers for people who dominate in interpersonal intelligence include Teacher, Psychologist and Public speaker.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

The intrapersonal intelligence is found in people who are self-smart. They possess a clear picture of their strengths and capabilities and aware of their emotional self. These people use this information to form goals in life and to regulate life as well. Famous examples include Aristotle, Eleanor Roosevelt.

Careers for people dominating in this intelligence include Therapists, Counselor and Psychologist.

Naturalist Intelligence

The last type of intelligence, Naturalist Intelligence, is found in people who are nature smart. It includes people who are well aware of their surroundings are can function well whilst being around in nature. Such people have the capabilities to easily distinguish different types of plants, trees, flowers etc. Famous examples include Charles Darwin and Jane Goddall.

Careers for people possessing this intelligence include Biologist, Geologist and Botanist.

These were the different types of intelligence. Now, which category or categories do you think you fall into?

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