6 best Genres of English Novels

English Literature is embellished with some great novels. History has seen many great writers whose novels are still considered as a piece of art. English novels are written in many different genres. Genre is defined as a style or category of art, music, or literature. Genre is the one thing that defines the theme of the whole novel. The entire story is built upon a specific genre. Sometimes two or three genres are combined in a novel to give it a complete and rustic look.

These are some of the most popular and widely used genres of English Novels

  1. Fantasy and Science Fiction:
6 different genres of english literature

The most read and favored genre in English literature is fantasy and science fiction. These types of novels are usually set in a time period which is not real. The stories often take place in a zombie apocalypse or a future that is very far away. These types of novels captivate their reader and steal their attention until the last word of the book. These novels often come in multiple series comprising of 1-10 books. The most famous fantasy and science fiction English novels are The Stand, Stranger in a Stranger Land, Red Mars, The Diamond Age, and The Sparrow.


2. Romance:

6 different genres of english literature

This genre became the basis of literature and cinema. Romance is included in almost every single book or movie. Romantic novels are read all over the world. The emotion of love is expressed so beautifully in romantic novels that a reader gasps at the beauty of words. These novels are sold in every corner of the world. From an expensive book store to a small magazine shop, one can definitely see a romantic novel. These books are written in such a way that they engage human emotions on a very deep level. Popular romantic English novels include The Notebook, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Eleanor and Park, and The Fault in our Stars.

3. Thriller and Horror:

6 different genres of english literature

From scaring to nail-biting to frightening this genre deals with all the emotions. By reading a simple sentence in a book readers can experience spine-chilling moments. These books keep the reader on edge. A reader never knows what is coming next. Twists and turns in the story make your stomach growl and steal your sleep. This genre has the greatest Stephen King as its pioneer. Renowned thrillers and horrors include The Shining, Bird Box, Misery, IT, and The Outsider.

4. Young Adult:

6 different genres of english literature

This genre is slightly similar to science fiction but it does not include spaceships and time machines. This genre deals with magic, teenage emotions, teenage fantasy, and mysteries. Writers of this genre combine fantasy with real-world emotions. These books show a world that is not real but characters in them have very human qualities. Teenagers can relate to these characters very strongly. Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games, Goosebumps, Divergent series, and Fear Street are among the famous books of this genre.

5. Mystery:

6 different genres of english literature

Suspense, unsolved murders, complicated relationships, How about all this in one book? Yes, those novels are called Mystery novels. Readers are on a hook while reading them. Writers tend to make these books as captivating as they can. A good mystery novel has an exciting start a complex mid and a satisfying end. The climax of these books is very important if the climax is not strong the book would not have many readers. Best selling mystery novels include Rebecca, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The women in white, Gone Girl, and in the woods.

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6. Memoir:

6 different genres of english literature

These books include autobiographies and self-narrated stories. Some writers write all the adventures or interesting stories of their own lives and combine them into a book. These novels are based on real-life facts. These books are different from traditional autobiographies because they have some interesting stories in them that engage the reader throughout the book. Famous memoirs are Becoming, Educated, When Breath becomes Air, Orange is the New Black and Dreams from my Father.

These are some of the genres that are the basis of English Literature. These genres make any book interesting and worth reading. So what book are you going to read next?

-Areeba Hussain

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